Handyman Services in Orange County: Huntington Beach & Newport Beach


Bathroom Repair

Bring your bathroom up-to-date and have a more comfortable and stylish life. Utilizing a handyman can be a cost-effective way to complete your bathroom projects. We work with many different designers, suppliers, and tradesmen. Giving you the best deal means we do not lock into any 'exclusive' contracts so you get every option that you need to make the right choices.


Carpentry Services

Guy's OC Handyman can build your customized carpentry projects. From building staircases to crown molding installation, Guy can do it. We provide quality craftsmanship that will be completed in a timely fashion.

We can help with:
Building stairways
Crown molding
Staining (entertainment centers, etc)
Countertop installations
and more!

We also offer Fence Building, furniture assembly, and cabinet building services.

Coastal Property Maintenance

Coastal/Beach Living by the beach can be rough on your house.

The combination of Moisture, Wind, and Salt can accelerate deterioration. Choose an experienced construction handyman who will choose the proper methods and materials and can guarantee no corrosion.

A well-planned future free from:
Salt Damage / Corrosion
Moisture / Mold
Wood Rot

We focus our support and construction services to the Orange County coastal cities of Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente.

Covered Patios

Looking add a shaded or covered area to your patio?

We build customized covered patios! We also will help you to restore your existing covered patios and sunrooms. We also install patio doors. We also install and fix Solariums, Pavilions, Screened Porches, Patio Enclosures, Arbors, and decks.


Guy's OC Handyman will hang interior doors on bedrooms, bonus room, attached garages, and exterior doors.

Front Door and Bedroom Doors
Wheather you are replacing a damaged door or upgrading your doors, we can help. Your front door (Entry Door) can provide security and pleasing esthetics. There are also a variety of bedroom door options that we can help you with too.

Screen Doors
Screen doors enable wind and air to circulate while limiting access for insects and dust. Some screen door options also provide security. Ask about your options.

Closet Doors
Closet doors can provide a level of privacy while protecting your clothes from odors and dust.

What about your pets?
Guy's OC Handyman will also install pet doors. Leave the measurements, hinges, and drilling to Guy's OC Handyman. Guy can also install your shower doors!

Let Guy focus on the details of installing your hinges, Mahogany doors, composite doors, sliding doors, left-handed entry doors, Aluminum doors, doorknob installation, locksets, door stops, door sweeps, and door viewers (peepholes).


Replace Drywall

In some cases you may want to replace drywall. Reconfiguring closets, upgrading bathrooms, and general remodelling may require you to replace your drywall. Water damage can also be a good reason for replacing your dry wall.

Repair Drywall
Patching drywall is an important part of maintaining the value of your house. Guy can help you repair small holes in drywall and large holes in drywall. Guy will determine what materials are necessary for your drywall project. Leave concerns about drywall fasteners, joint compounds, hoists, stilts, taping, and sanding to Guy.

We can help you with projects that include Sheetrock, cement boards, plywood, plaster, insulation, doorways, and more.

Electrical Handyman in Huntington Beach and the OC

Huntington Beach Electrical Handyman Services

Services include electrical inspection, installation, upgrades, testing, and repair. Guy's will take care of designing/installing your lighting systems, rewiring your old home, detecting short circuits, and replacing residential or commercial panels.


Guy's OC Handyman will help you maintain or install you fence.

Guy's OC Handyman can install and/or repair an assortment of fences.

Fence Installation
Guy's OC Handyman will help you provide you with some of the best fence options. Fence options range from wood, chain-link, vinyl, composite, picket, wrought Iron, Aluminum. Once you have made a fence match to meets your needs and preferences fences we move to the next stage. Guy will take care of the hole digging, Post setting, Leveling, attaching fence panels, attaching gates, painting/staining your fence.

Fence Maintenance
Guy's OC Handyman will help you fix or re-finish your fence. Weather can wear on wood fences and fences in general. Wood fences may need to be sanded and painted to restore their original beauty. In some cases heavy winds and storms can knock fences down. We can help you resurrect and reinforce fencing.


The backbone of your house.

Guy Delgado is an expert framer with 24 years of framing experience. The structural integrity of your house or office is what's at stake during this phase of construction. Quality and attention to detail here will pay off in each of the rest of the project's phases as well as show through in the final appearance of the house.

Metal Framing vs Wood Framing
Metal framing is typically used in commercial framing applications and is also being seen in more residential applications. Wood is still the main choice for framing residential home construction. Metal framing is not flammable, but it does conduct electricity. Metal studs are typically made of light gauge steel consisting of c-shaped studs and u-shaped channel tracks, and lack the strength of a wood 2x4 until installed properly. You can attach screws, but not nails like you can with wood studs. You need to know if you have either metal framing or wood framing when hanging pictures and other items on the finished wall.


We can help you with your insulation.

We can help you to save money and reduce noise with insulation.


We specialize in Kitchen Remodels

Have you seen the latest kitchen designs and fixtures? Want a sharp looking, easy and ergonomic new kitchen remodeled by Guy's OC Handyman? We'll show you all the latest options available that we constantly stay current and organized with so you can save time and make the best decisions.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels
Are you planning on a kitchen remodel or a bathroom renovation? What steps should you take to remodel your home? Guy's OC Handyman is ready to help you plan your upgrades.

Restaurants and Corporate Kitchens
Count on our extensive experience to turn your responsibility into your success. With 100+ commercial kitchens and counting, we will make it happen and for the right price.


We can help you with your insulation.

Paint can make a huge difference. You can add an extra coat to existing paint, add paint for the first time, or change the color of your paint to complete your project. Guy's OC Handyman will help you figure out what type of paint is best for your project. Leave the prepping, sanding, taping, and painting to Guy's OC Handyman.

Plumbing in Orange County

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Contact us if you need help with faucets, sink installations, and help with your water heaters.

Rain Gutters


Adding rain gutters to your home can improve your experience, as well as, be integrated into your water conservation efforts. More and more people are integrating rain barrels into their self-sustaining home strategy and emergency planning. There are several rain gutter options including PVC and aluminum.

Repair and maintenance
Weather and accidents can require repair. Guy's OC Handyman will replace, re-affix, and repair your rain gutters as needed. It is always a good idea to clean your rain gutters prior to each winter season.


Do you want to Remodel? Guy's OC Handyman can help you Remodel.

There are a few things worth considering prior to beginning your home renovation project. Estimates, how many to get, what to look for, what to ask for. Check the thoroughness of the bid, and check references. We can provide you with all the above.


Need help with roofing on your home or shed? Guy's OC Handyman can help.

If you need to repair or replace portions of your roof, call Guy first. Guy has years of experience with roofing. Call us for your roofing needs today!


Tile Installation

Guy's OC Handyman is ready to install your tile. We can help you install Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile, Natural Stone Tile, Mosaic Tile, Wood Look Tile, and Outdoor Tile. You can integrate a work of art into your decor with Mosaic Loft. It carefully blends the functionality of tile with the beauty and style of fine art. We can help you pick out beautiful mosaic tile collections.
Guy's OC Handyman works with a variety of tile brands including Merola Tile, Jeffrey Court, Daltile, Marazzi, M.S. International.

We put our Tile Tools, Tile Sets, Tile Saws, and grout to work!
Guy's OC Handyman can also add carpet removal to the scope of your project.


Guy's OC Handyman will help you install Single hung and double hung windows.

We will help you with specialty windows and use the proper window hardware. In addition, we can help you take your window project a step further by offering Window Accessories, Shutters, Screens, mini-blind installation, Basements, and Casements.

We can help you install solutions by a variety of manufacturers including Pittsburgh Corning, TAFCO WINDOWS, VELUX, Unique Home Designs, Hy-Lite, JELD-WEN, Fakro, Andersen, American Craftsman, and Andersen Windows, Inc.

We can even refer you to a window cleaner to help you maintain your windows, enabling you to enjoy your priceless view throughout the year.