Huntington Beach Electrician

Huntington Beach Electrician

Our Hunting Beach Electricians can install and maintain all of the electrical and power systems for your homes, businesses, and factories. Electricians install and maintain the wiring and control equipment through which electricity flows.

Electricians generally focus on either construction or maintenance, although we do both. Electricians specializing in construction primarily install wiring systems. Electricians specializing in maintenance fix and upgrade existing electrical systems and repair electrical equipment. All electricians  must follow State and local building codes when performing their work. 

Guys OC Handyman Huntington Beach Electricians may start their work by understanding your requirements, reading blueprints – technical diagrams that show the locations of circuits, outlets, load centers, panel boards, and other equipment. After determining where all the wires and components will go, our Huntington Beach electricians can install and connect the wires to circuit breakers, transformers, outlets, or other components and systems. 

When installing wiring, electricians use handtools such as conduit benders, screwdrivers, pliers, knives, hacksaws, and wire strippers, as well as power tools such as drills and saws. Later, they use ammeters, ohmmeters, voltmeters, harmonics testers, and other equipment to test connections and ensure the compatibility and safety of components.

Maintenance electricians in our Huntington Beach office can repair or replace electric and electronic equipment when it breaks. They make needed repairs as quickly as possible in order to minimize inconvenience. They may replace items such as circuit breakers, fuses, switches, electrical and electronic components, or wire. 

Electricians also periodically inspect all equipment to ensure that it is operating properly and to correct problems before breakdowns occur.

Maintenance work varies greatly, depending on where an electrician works. Electricians who focus on residential work perform a wide variety of electrical work for homeowners. They may rewire a home and replace an old fuse box with a new circuit breaker box to accommodate additional appliances, or they may install new lighting and other electric household items, such as ceiling fans. These electricians also might do some construction and installation work. 

Our Huntington Beach Electricians Work Indoors and Outdoors – We Get The Job Done! Five Star Rating from Customers
Electricians work indoors and out, at construction sites, and in homes. The work may include bending conduit, lifting heavy objects and custom work. We get the job done!

Services Include

Electrician Services 

Installations, Remodels & Troubleshooting

We install fans, circuits and rewiring for remodels. All of our electrician services are provided with quality and customer service. 

Upgrades of Electrical Panels

Let our team assess your old systems to avoid unsafe or faulty electrical wiring problems that can lead to overloaded circuits, resulting in heating or even a fire. Your old electrical panel may not be adequate or up to building codes for the power that is demanded from modern appliances.

Installation of Lighting

At GuysOCHandyman, our professional team of electricians in Huntington Beach can help you create the lighting environment you desire in your home. We can help you customize your design to your specific needs.

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