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Painting Services

Paint adds bueaty and protection to your home. Paint can make a huge difference. You can add an extra coat to existing paint, add paint for the first time, or change the color of your paint to complete your project. Guy the handyman will help you figure out what type of paint is best for your project. Leave the prepping, sanding, taping, and painting to Guy the Handyman. Painting faciaIs your facia ready for a coat or paint?


Guy Delgado's handyman expertise extends to commercial and residential painting in addition to his various other construction talents, and he has been making the inside and outside of Orange County homes and businesses look great for over three decades. His knowledge of color schemes and patterns will ensure that you choose the right look before the job begins. Your home will soon be looking like new and before you know it, your friends and neighbors will be asking you for the number of your painting contractor.


Guy is very familiar with interior and exterior home design in Orange County. And he knows how to get the job in a clean and efficient manner using the finest painting tools and equipment, whether its touching up a simple baseboard or creating intricate patterns on the walls of your dining room. No panting job is too complicated for this Orange County handyman! Please give Guy a call for a free estimate. Get started on giving your home a whole new look!


Coastal Property Maintenance Living by the beach can be rough on your house and paint can help protect agaisnt the environment. The combination of Sun, Rain, Moisture, Wind, and Salt can excelerate deterioration to your home. If you choose an experienced construction handyman with the proper methods and materials to help you. We focus our support and handyman services to the Orange County coastal cities of Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and San Clemente.


Drywall Replace Drywall In some cases you may want to replace drywall. Reconfiguring closets, upgrading bathrooms, and general remodelling may require you to replace your drywall. Water damage can also be a good reason for replacing your dry wall.  Repair Drywall Patching drywall is an important part of maintaining the value of your house. Guy can help you repair small holes in drywall and large holes in drywall. Guy will determine what materials are necessary for your drywall project. Leave concerns about drywall fasteners, joint compounds, hoists, stilts, taping, and sanding to Guy. We can help you with projects that include Sheetrock, cement boards, plywood, plaster, insulation, doorways, and more.

If you require addtional information please feel free to contact us as we would be happy to assist you further with your handyman needs.

Drywall Installation If you would like to make modifications to your rooms, replace water damaged drywall, or fix your drywall

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