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Many homes in Orange County are built on very large lots, like some of the older properties in Orange, Tustin, and Villa Park.


Framing can be thought of as the skeleton of any house or building. And just as bones tend to get brittle and break, so can the wood that holds up your house. So many houses in Orange County, especially some of the older ones, are plagued with squeaking floors, cracks in the wall, dry-rot, and other residuals that come with living in earthquake country. In addition to the tremors, another unfortunate reality of life here in Orange County is fire season, Santa Ana winds, and termites. In times like these, when your house is starting to shimmy and shake, when termites start to turn the frame of your house into a buffet, and when those Santa Anas start kicking up those raging fires, you need a handyman like Guy. If you want to avoid costly repairs down the road, you require the skills, knowledge, advice, and expertise of a "house doctor" or, an expert handyman, who knows framing as much as an emergency room surgeon. You need a handyman, one who knows Orange County like the back of his hand, and someone who knows how to treat and repair everything from a wall stud, to a rafter, to floor joists, sheathing, beams, and headers. Any handyman who has had as much experience in commercial or residential home construction in Orange County should be very familiar the steps necessary to do frame work associated with wood, engineered wood, or steel frame and to repair parts of a frame.


That's where the skills handyman Guy Delgado comes in. With over 30 years in general construction, Guy started out framing houses when he was just 15 years old. But that doesn't mean he doesn't miss a nail or two now and come home with a swollen thumb!


Metal Framing vs Wood Framing - Metal framing is typically used in commercial framing applications and is also being seen in more residential applications. Wood is still the main choice for framing residential home construction. Metal framing is not flammable, but it does conduct electricity. Metal studs are typically made of light gauge steel consisting of c-shaped studs and u-shaped channel tracks, and lack the strength of a wood 2x4 until installed properly. You can attach screws, but not nails like you can with wood studs. You need to know if you have either metal framing or wood framing when hanging pictures and other items on the finished wall´╗┐


If you require addtional information please give Guy a call as he would be happy to help you further with your handyman needs.

Framing - The backbone of your house. Guy Delgado is an expert framer with 24 years of framing experience. The structural integrity of your house or office is what's at stake during this phase of construction. Quality and attention to detail here will pay off in each of the rest of the project's phases as well as show through in the final appearance of the house.


Drywall Installation If you would like to make modifications to your rooms, replace water damaged drywall, or fix your drywall

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