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Drywall Replace Drywall In some cases you may want to replace drywall. Reconfiguring closets, upgrading bathrooms, and general remodelling may require you to replace your drywall. Water damage can also be a good reason for replacing your dry wall.  Repair Drywall Patching drywall is an important part of maintaining the value of your house. Guy can help you repair small holes in drywall and large holes in drywall. Guy will determine what materials are necessary for your drywall project. Leave concerns about drywall fasteners, joint compounds, hoists, stilts, taping, and sanding to Guy. We can help you with projects that include Sheetrock, cement boards, plywood, plaster, insulation, doorways, and more.


When it comes to the aesthetic appeal of the interior of your Orange County home, nothing could be more important than the skills of a professional drywall installer. Handyman Guy Delgado's vast experience in this domain stretches from new home installation to drywall replacement and repair. Installing drywall is an extremely difficult job requiring the experience and know-how to anticipate what a wall will look like immediately prior to painting and wallpaper installation. Unless the most absolutely precise cuts and fittings are made at the moment of hanging the drywall piece, mistakes such as crooked lines, uneven joints, bulges in the wall, holes, and gaps could very well turn your Orange County dream home into a living nightmare.


The prevalence, severity, and frequency of earthquakes have become part of life in Orange County. The San Andreas Fault has several branches that run directly under parts of Orange, Fullerton, and Tustin, to name just a few. Having a home in close proximity to these faults means that eventually the drywall in your home is going to crack. A handyman like Guy Delgado can assess, diagnose, and swiftly repair any drywall damage resulting from cosmetic or natural disaster such as earthquakes.


Handyman Delgado's drywall services include custom ceilings, texturing, and suspended ceilings. Acoustic ceilings can help dampen noise, especially in homes directly below the flight paths of airplanes coming into Orange County's busy John Wayne Airport. But Mr. Delgado can also remove old acoustic, or "popcorn" from your existing ceiling and replace it with a more modern textured look. This superb handyman can also install exquisite crown molding and can/recessed lighting. Whatever your drywall needs, Guy Delgado can meet and exceed your expectations.


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Irvine Handyman Services: Drywall Installation If you would like to make modifications to your rooms, replace water damaged drywall, or fix your drywall

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