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Handyman Door Repair

The very first thing that people remember when entering your home is the front door. In many ways it is a prelude to what your friends and family can expect. If the front, back, bathroom, or bedroom, or garage doors of your Orange County home are shabby, old, in disrepair, or out of date, the impression people will have of your house, not to mention its marketability, might be in jeopardy. Therefore, replacing or repairing these focus points should be an option to consider for anyone living in Orange County. And it is imperative that the handyman you choose to install or repair your interior and exterior doors possesses experience, integrity, training, and knowledge.


Handyman Guy Delgado provides such expertise. Guy began framing houses during his teens and since then has installed hundreds of doors of all shapes and sizes over the last 30 years. Whether it's a new opening, closet, shower, exit-entry, interior-exterior, glass, wood or metal door, handyman Delgado can do it. Guy's honesty and commitment is beyond reproach.


Guy's skills aren't just limited to hanging standard sized interior and exterior doors however. Our furry friends need to get inside too! Have Guy come by and put in a nice kitty door or doggie entry so your cat or dog can come and go as they please. Trust me, they'll love you for it!




Doors Guy the Handyman will hang interior doors on bedrooms, bonus room, attached garages, and exterior doors. Front Door and Bedroom Doors Wheather you are replacing a damaged door or upgrading your doors, we can help. Your front door (Entry Door) can provide security and pleasing esthetics. There are also a variety of bedroom door options that we can help you with too. Screen Doors Screen doors enable wind and air to circulate while limiting access for insects and dust. Some screen door options also provide security. Ask about your options. Closet Doors Closet doors can provide a level of privacy while protecting your clothes from odors and dust. What about your pets? Guy the Handyman will also install pet doors. Leave the measurements, hinges, and drilling to Guy the Handyman. Guy can also install your shower doors! Let Guy focus on the details of installing your hinges, Mahogany doors, composite doors, sliding doors, left-handed entry doors, Aluminum doors, door knob installation, locksets, door stops, door sweeps, and door viewers (peep holes).


If you require addtional information please feel free to contact us as we would be happy to assist you further with your handyman needs.

Drywall Installation If you would like to make modifications to your rooms, replace water damaged drywall, or fix your drywall

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